CANCER- We all know it’s not just a Zodiac Sign. Cancer has been playing an imperative role in our day to day life- but in a sad and scary manner! Millions die every year due to Cancer, which comes in more than 100 kinds- Lung, Breast, Prostate, Blood, Bladder etc to name a few.
In the past few years; a lot of significant advances have been achieved in the Medical field. But still, we have limited knowledge about the real reason for Cancer or how to completely wipe it off from Earth. It’s a fact that the Human lifespan has increased recently- so is chances of having Cancer, as Cancer occurs due to the mutation of cells and it is more as we grow older. Even heredity can be a reason for Cancer.
Cancer can occur due to various reasons. Unhealthy eating habits, Smoking, Alcohol consumption, Virus infections, too much exposure to Sunlight or some Chemicals are a few major reasons for it. But, we can control Cancer to some extent, provided we take the right measures like:
a. Food Control – Reducing the usage of too much oily/fatty food can reduce the risk of Cancer to some extent. This can be substituted with Fruits and Vegetables. But, too many fruits aren’t good as well, since they can raise the risk of diabetes-related diseases.
b. Exercise – Regular exercise is essential in controlling the body weight and burning of unnecessary fat, thereby keeping the Metabolism related cancers under control.
c. Virus – Virus attack is hazardous as most directly affect the Liver. E.g. – Hepatitis B. Treat it before it becomes uncontrollable.
d. Increase the Immunity – Nutritious food is essential for good immunity. Too much stress, Insomnia etc can also be reasons for Cancer. Try to sleep well and adopt new hobbies to relieve your tension.
e. Treatment – It’s not easy to detect cancer with just one test. The best way is to have a thorough checkup every year or at least in 2-3 years.

Even though a change in lifestyle can make an enormous difference in our lives, we can’t stop Cancer if it attacks. So, why do we need to take the risk?

A disease like cancer just doesn’t drill a big hole in our pocket. It even whips off all the happiness and serenity of the family. During that time, it’s the presence of the loved ones we wish to have. But if we don’t have sufficient money, it’s going to be really very tough. So the best answer to the issue is CANCER INSURANCE! A Cancer Insurance Plan covers expenses required for diagnosis and treatment for Cancer at any phase (early or advanced).
Please don’t mix this with Traditional Insurance, as in this case you receive a lump sum of money if diagnosed with Cancer which can be used for both medical costs and normal living expenses. On this World Cancer Day, let us take an Oath “to keep Cancer away with a Healthy Lifestyle and a good Heart and Cancer Insurance”
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