COURAGE TO BUY – Turn Vision into Action

COURAGE TO BUY – Turn Vision into Action

In the last week’s article, we had discussed the Vision to See. But, vision alone doesn’t help things work, unless one executes it. Courage is the next main step to carry out a plan. This reminds Disney’s famous quote, “All our Dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. He was the man who coined the TermImagineering”, a combination of Imagination with Engineering that takes vision into action. One has to take the bold step to go towards his goal.

There was once a time when people used to purchase only outwears from branded showrooms. But, they weren’t much concerned about the innerwear and majority purchased them from street vendors. But in due time, the Lifestyle of people changed and they were more Health and Hygiene conscious- making them focus on the Quality, Comfort etc of the innerwear. There was a requirement for an organized, branded product in the market- which opened the doors of opportunity in this segment.

Even though there was a big brand in the Market, the new company Page Industries decided to focus on the Youth! They designed the innerwear in a new trendy design- totally different from the traditional ones which have been in the market for ages. In very less time, Page industries dominated the market and their product name Jockey became a household name.

Though the business growth was visible, most people were reluctant to invest in Page Industries as the company just manufactured inner wears. Many did not have the courage to buy their stocks. In 2007- 2008, a share of Page industries was available at the price of one Jockey innerwear (at around Rs.300). The share price has traveled really ahead in due time and today is trading at around Rs.27, 000. In simple terms, if one would have had invested one Lakh before ten years, it would have now been approximately one crore! Those people who showed courage to buy then, have become millionaires today…

The above story indicates that it is not necessary to buy just from the big mammoths in the market. One could even invest in smaller companies that have innovative ideas/ products that have the power to change the lifestyle. Like that of last week, it is always advisable to track good visionaries and be a part of their success story in the future.

Sadly, we don’t get the opportunity to own them and instead get only the chance to tell the success story of others. A courageous step to take the risk and invest wisely will surely stop us from regretting in future!

So… What are you waiting for?