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Technical Analysis Workshop – Online

This course has been prepared after a very meticulous review of market behaviour and volatility. Both play a very significant role in sensing the direction of an asset class. It will be an insightful experience to test various methods and tools to detect the pulse of the markets and determine the trend in which the prices are moving. It covers various dimensions – from the detection of good, high quality trades to money management skills needed for capital protection and risk assessment. After having completed the course, a student should be well equipped to analyse the trend in which the market is moving and trade both in the equity and derivative segments.

Topics Covered

1. Technical Analysis Basics

  • Introduction
  • Basic Assumption
  • Chart Types

2. Candle Patterns 3. Basic Patterns

  • Support Resistance
  • Trend Line

4. Fibonacci Levels 5. Indicators

  • Rsi,Macd,Adx

6. Moving Averages And Moving Average Crossovers

  • Oscillators

7. Gap Analysis 8. Dow Theory 9. Advanced Patterns 10. Trading

  • Stop Loss And Trailing Stop Loss
  • Profit Targets

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