No matter what your aspirations are, Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) has a program designed just for you!

“graduate to entrepreneur within weeks”

Entrepreneur Development Program, a three-week business program for those who aspire to be entrepreneurs or want to get a head start in exploring a career in the financial services industry. The course provides an immersive learning environment ably complemented with case studies, discussions, and hands-on industry experience. Students with backgrounds in commerce, management, or aptitude for business are offered an unique opportunity to build the analytical and practical skills critical to business management through this program. The course is taught by Hedge School of Applied Economics faculty utilizing a combination of lectures, case study methods, small group discussions, guest speakers, and industry oriented projects to give participants a comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals and the process of launching a new business.

Participants will acquire both the hard skills (e.g., applied finance, marketing, operations, and accounting) and the soft skills (e.g. negotiations, leadership, and networking) needed to gain intimate knowledge of the practices utilized and challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

The program focuses on the links between an organizations best practices and other aspects of running a successful business or department. Interactions with industry experts, entrepreneurs, managers provide access to a steady flow of thought provoking situations that highlight the issues facing start ups and managing in a knowledge based economy.

At Hedge School of Applied Economics, your faculty are not from the academia, but from the industry so you can expect to hear from and learn from industry veterans and experts who apply the subject on a day to day basis in financial markets. We have designed our courses so that you benefit from access to business leaders, industry specialists and acquire an intimate knowledge of the processes and challenges of launching and running a successful business.

Course Requirements: Graduate of any discipline
Course Fees: 15,000*
Duration: 3 weeks

Successful candidates are encouraged to try out their business plans in our in-house incubation facility for a period of six months. Scholarship opportunities are available to qualified candidates that are subjected to assessment of the course coordinator and interview.

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Entrepreneur Development Programme

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