KASE Accreditation

Handing over of Certificate of Accreditation by Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence to Hedge School of Applied Economics by Shri Shibu Baby John, Hon. Minister for Labour, Govt. Of Kerala at the Banquet Hall, Marriott Hotel, Cochin

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Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) is the first ever educational venture dedicated to creating a class of high-end investment professionals across India.

Beyond Class Rooms

“The only source of Knowledge is Experience”
Albert Einstein


The whole programme provides an immersive subject environment ably complemented with case studies, games, discussions, and hands-on industry experience.


Hedge School’s preparatory courses are designed to smoothen and accelerate your important career transition.


Learn about various steps in developing a robust valuation system to identify value stocks and implement portfolio strategies that allows you to enter and exit your target stocks at the most appropriate times.


The program is designed and structured as an immersion based learning environment that fosters a hands-on, delivery oriented, and challenging environment that allows you to work individually and as part of teams on specific, measurable, and time bound projects with clear deliverables.


The program focuses on the links between an organization’s best practices and other aspects of running a successful business or department.


Learn about ways to protect your investment positions against market losses and to hedge against volatility.


Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) is the first ever educational venture dedicated to creating a class of high-end investment professionals across India.


Our faculty role does not end with the program; we continue to mentor interested candidates so that they stay abreast and develop an ongoing understanding on the evolving dynamics in the financial markets.


The programs are designed for students, financial professionals and investors who would be the advocates of smart investments.


Scholarship opportunities are available to qualified candidates, which are subjected to interviews and assessments of the course coordinators.


The most comprehensive stock market research by our parent company, Hedge Equities, is now made available for subscription. Research comes from most eminent panel of researchers on Hedge Equities research desk but you control what you get. With more than 150 report categories to choose from, there is something for all types of market players. So go ahead and make your pick, we will send the research you want to your inbox. Stock market research portal with 15 min delayed market data to view and track the research reports.

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Ohari is our monthly finance magazine in “Malayalam” that provides its readers comprehensive knowledge and insight about the various aspects of financial planning and the entire spectrum of investment and wealth creation methods. The magazine provides quality research based content that targets investors of all hues and readers who prefer to organize their portfolio in a systematic way. We aim to cultivate an investment culture that fulfills all wealth creation targets of investors through various investment avenues. The vision of the magazine is to motivate the readers to participate in various investment avenues and guide them in choosing the right investment products that suit their wealth creation objectives, investment preferences, risk profile, likely investment period and age.

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