Festival Stocks – Bringing the Festive Season Cheer

Festival Stocks – Bringing the Festive Season Cheer

Festivals are loved by all irrespective of religion, caste, community, and location. Festivals provide revival from the busy hectic everyday life. That is the time when people enjoy and spend more time with Family and Friends.

So without any doubt, during this time, we spend a lot- starting from cheap decorations to the expensive cars and scooters. Crores of rupees are spent and earned during these seasons. Once the celebrations are over, we normally forget this and return to our day to day life- waiting eagerly for the next to arrive.

But, have you ever wondered how much revenue the companies make during these Festival seasons. Be it a Religious festival, Mela, or even an Agricultural festival, the situation is the same and the profit earned is very high. A keen observation during this time will enable one to see the opportunity ahead.

Asset Allocation should be like a Balanced Diet. In a balanced diet, one has to have the essential 6 components: – Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water. Here too, they have to be consumed in the right proportion to have nutrition and stay healthy. Remember those days when your parents compelled you to have to have vegetables in childhood? Similarly, the Portfolio has to be kept by an individual in the same manner- Equities, Fixed incomes, Mutual Funds, Gold, Real assets and Alternatives. Along with these one needs to have Term and Health Insurances to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Seasonal Festival Stocks are like pickles and sauces that add a lot of flavor to your investments. They give a lot of beauty to our holdings. Although Investments are for longer terms, during seasons we need to learn and gain from seasonal benefits. In this case, observation skill helps in planning accordingly.

Consumer Durables companies like Voltas, V-Guard, Havells etc, are valued a lot, as during the season many Air-Conditioners are sold. Similarly, FMCG companies like HUL, ITC, Godrej etc have increased sales as they sell everything from Salt to Camphor- which is essential during the seasons. The condition is the same for Two wheeler companies like Hero Motors, Bajaj Auto, etc as in Rural India they are still a luxury and it’s a dream come true to own them. Jewelry and Fashion giants like Titan, ABFRL etc are more popular among women and the youth as Gold is still a major part in everyday life and the youth are the trendsetters. Last but not least, Consumer Credit companies like Bajaj Finance, play a pivotal role nowadays, as purchasing happens mostly with credit cards.

Trust me- this is the beginning of anything you want. Together let’s grab the opportunity and add more colors to our portfolios- with Seasonal Stocks