No matter what your aspirations are, Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) has a program designed just for you!

“Foundation programme in capital markets”
The Foundation Programme in Capital Market is intended for anyone entering into a career in the financial markets and the candidates will enjoy live workshops that can help them start racing towards their financial goals.

Sl. Session Remarks
1. Welcome to Hedge Family Company Introduction – India Growth Prospects
2. Indian Capital Markets & Its Importance  
3. Know the real world experience Introduction to Trading Terminal (Buying/Selling shares etc.)
4. “The only discipline that lasts is the self-discipline” Stock Game
5. Basics of Investments & Asset Classes How to pick stocks?, Trading Principles, Investment Strategies
6. Video – “One Idiot” Discussion on Investment Terminologies in the Movie
7.  Macropoly Game To get the participants to think holistically of the macro-economic environment.

Benefits To The Candidates

  • They will get hands on market knowledge (Every participant will get the free access of Kinship Research Platform for one month)
  • Practically learning the theory will strengthen their acquired knowledge
  • Interpret and link both business and the theory of business for better decision making
  • Will help diverge from the conventional investment mentalities among Indian people, and to find newer areas of investment with better ROI
  • Creating an investment culture from a young age
  • Opportunity to interact with the managers from the Industry
  • Discussions on current market news and portfolio management
  • Discussions on current market news and portfolio management
  • Face to face interaction with the faculty and research team from Hedge
  • Acquaintance with the trading terminal
  • Technical support for your portfolio
  •  Research backup

Batch size could be between a minimum of 40 candidates.
Course Fees: Rs 100 per participant
Duration: Minimum – 5 hours

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Foundation Programme In Capital Market

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