No matter what your aspirations are, Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) has a program designed just for you!

Foundation Programme in Mutual Fund Investments

The Investing Foundation Program in Mutual Fund Investments is the entry level program of the Hedge School of Applied Economics. If you’re looking to manage your own mutual fund investments, this is the right place to get started. This course will walk you through the foundations of creating, executing and maintaining your own mutual fund investing plans. You will quickly learn to identify major mutual fund investment options and efficiently execute your investment choices. Understand the financial markets and how they affect your investment portfolio choices.
  • Learn the truths and misconceptions about self-directed investing, and protect your investment capital by calculating your appropriate risk and position size.
  • Build a watch list of various funds to invest in, and learn to spot the right entry and exit points for your investments.
  • Manage and monitor your funds with Knowledge

In this Program, you’ll enjoy live workshops that can help you start racing towards your financial goals. Investing isn’t all about planning. It’s also about action. Learn to make better informed investment decisions by setting your emotions aside and you’ll develop the skills to create a personalized investment plan for your financial goals. TOPICS

  • Introduction to Mutual Funds
  • Working of Mutual Funds
  • Terminologies and factors to be considered while investing in Mutual Funds
  • Different types of Mutual Funds
  • Modes of Investments
  • Risk associated with Mutual Fund investments
  • How to select a fund by considering various factors

Eligibility: Prospective Investors, Employees, Students, House wives etc. 100%  Scholarship Duration: 3 hours Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

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Foundation Programme in Mutual Fund Investments

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