On The Job Training

On-the-Job training is based on the principle of “learning by doing”. It provides knowledge or skills essential to the full and adequate performance of the job in wealth management.You will be a part of a best-in-class training curriculum. The program helps you to fast track your journey to be a successful Wealth Manager. We’ll assist you in developing the critical skills and knowledge necessary for establishing a robust wealth management business—acquiring clients, developing relationships, providing tailored strategies and more. You will also be able to use the deep resources and full capabilities of Hedge.

Why is On Job Training Effective?

On-the-job training is usually the most effective way to learn the skills needed for a job. It is easier for a     trainee to adapt to the new skills they are acquiring when they can apply them directly to their job routine as they are being taught. They will also be more likely to learn skills that are actually helpful with their job rather than just as a tick in a check-box on the way to a qualification.

Benefits of the job training at Hedge

• Actual Work Station  • Hands on Industry experience  •   Helps in grabbing required employability skills in Wealth Management  •  Training Under Experienced Professionals and Supervisors  •  Ability to handle complex business problems  •  Placement Assistance  •  Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Method of Training


 • Classroom training provided, wherein the trainees are given lectures about the job requirements and the necessary skills required for implementing the job by the experts & specialists from the Wealth Management team

• Main Purpose- to make the trainee well informed about their job roles & discussing their queries arising out of the lectures

2nd  & 3rd MONTHS

 •  Training at Wealth Management department where, specialists and experienced staffs guide the trainee to perform a job.

•  ONE-TO-ONE training designed for trainees, enabling them to find answers to their queries from Supervisor’s instructions & demonstrations.

•  Overview of the job along with the desired results are explained and skills required is demonstrated by the Trainer

•  Finally, trainee has to perform the job as per his/ her acquired skills or expertise

•  Trainees need to give feedback & can clarify all their doubts.

After the completion of the On-the-job training in Wealth Management, placement assistance is provided to the candidates.

To enroll this training, the fees is Rs.10000/-.The Candidate can book a seat with the payment of Rs.1000/- in advance as registration and the remaining amount of Rs. 9000 /- can be paid, a week before joining the batch. The first batch will commence on 01-07-2019.