SAMVAT 2075-Foresee a “Bright Future for Markets”

SAMVAT 2075-Foresee a “Bright Future for Markets”

Investors are awaiting another auspicious trading day again. Unlike the previous years, it is a fact that there are no big cheers this year. Investors are skeptical about making a sharp turnover. The beginning of Samvat 2074 indicated a positive sign in the country’s financial growth. But towards the end of 2074, conditions changed completely, leading to a totally different scenario. The current year has been a complete disappointment.

Higher Crude prices, higher borrowing cost, Rupee depreciation issues in NBFC space etc have aggravated the sentiments of the investors across the nation. The nearing general elections have added the volatility to the market too. The Narendra Modi Government will be taking steps, targeting the Parliamentary Elections in 2019. The popular measures will increase the expenses for the Government, but it will be a positive sign for the market if the Government returns back to power again. If the above doesn’t occur, it could drastically affect the Markets.

Investors with a long-term perspective should use opportunities positively to buy equity shares in equity when the volatility, depreciation, and uncertainty exist. Therefore, investors are encouraged to buy the best and most valued stocks for Samvat 2075.

How to be a Successful Wealth Creator?

To be a successful wealth creator, one should follow 3 steps:

The great writer, Jonathan Swift says “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” It is the first and the most important step, as a good story starts with a good dream, a dream that would support one, in planning for the future. For this, one has to keep track of the present market conditions. He should be aware of the opportunities in the market and acumen to understand future prospects.

After visualizing good opportunities, implementing it is a hard task. Generally, people are not successful due to the lack of knowledge. It is due to the lack of courage during decision making. Doubts, fear, misguidance etc are the factors that fluctuate one’s mind. So, a lot of courage is needed to act at the right time.

Markets do fluctuate from time to time. Sometimes, it goes up and it comes down too. But, every good thing needs time to grow. In due time, they will surely nurture. But, we often tend to get frightened while there is variation in the market. Added to that, there will be many to scare/ misguide us too. Don’t fall prey for any external factor that could result in disposing of the holdings like short-term profit, panic, etc. Hold it till we reach our goal.

The above 3 steps were and are still followed by successful Investors in building their wealth. Invest wisely during this Samvat 2075 and experience Financial Freedom! Have a Happy and Blessed Diwali…