No matter what your aspirations are, Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) has a program designed just for you!

Test-drive Your Career in Financial Services (Live Internship)

As part of the skill development initiative, under the KASE accreditation , we conduct Testdrive your career in Financial Services (Live internship) which Provide Live internship in Financial service sector. Testdrive your career in Financial Services (Live internship) is designed and structured as an immersion based learning environment and fosters a hands-on, delivery oriented method in a challenging environment that allows the students to work individually and as part of teams on specific, measurable, and time bound projects with clear deliverables which will help them to build a highly successful managerial career.

Who can apply: Higher Secondary Schools / Institutions

Course Fees: Rs: 3500 / student

Duration : 25 Hours Batch size could be between a minimum of 30 candidates.

To enquire about our available  opportunities, please contact us at +91 9349512345  / 9388175015 or email us at