VISION TO SEE – The First Step towards Fortune

VISION TO SEE – The First Step towards Fortune

The great botanist and inventor George Washington Carver once said, “Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” Vision is the first and the most important step, as a good tale starts with a good dream that helps one in planning for the future.

People often complain about being broke or staying poor throughout their lifetime. They succeed neither in work nor business. But have we ever thought for a moment? Did we have a proper planning before beginning? If the answer is No, how could we blame another for our misfortune? But still, it’s not late. One could always start from this very moment. In everyday life, we come across many instances, which we feel are least important. We do not see anything special in it. But for another, if he sees an opportunity in it to grow- it becomes the vision. Mostly, they start from the least important factors for the common eye.

The best example is PC Mustafa- an entrepreneur from Kerala who was born to a daily wager and today is the CEO of ‘iD Fresh Food’, a Rs 100 crore turnover ready-to-cook packaged food company. Without the right vision, he had chances to be a daily wager and could have had complained throughout his life. Yet, he along with his cousins, while sitting at a tea shop dreamt of a brighter future, planned accordingly and started a small business with Rs. 25000 and limited resources. In 2005, they made 10 packets of 1 kg batter a day and initially, they supplied it to 20 stores in Bengaluru under the brand name ‘ID’- for Idly, Dosa. But today they manufacture 50,000 packets a day with a team of 1,300 staffs in Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Dubai units!!! They have a wide range of products today from Malabar Parotta, Rice Rava (Semolina) to Ragi Batter to Paneer. In due time they are into distribution coffee decoction which will be 100% free from preservatives, which will be followed by Chutney…

This is not just the story of one single person. There are many who have started from nothing and have made a good fortune with the right vision. It’s a fact that, ‘everybody cannot be an entrepreneur’. So can one become a successful wealth creator? The answer is Yes! There are many good companies owned by visionaries, who have proved themselves. We have the opportunity to invest in those unique companies and be a part of their growth story, considering their past and previous performances.

In this way, both the visionary who owns the business, as well as the investor create wealth! For this, one has to keep track of the present market conditions. He should also be aware of the opportunities in the market and acumen to understand future prospects. One need not be an innovator, but the vision should be innovative. Everyone can copy features, but it’s the unique vision and approach where one will excel.