Wine & Investments – Improve With Age

Wine & Investments – Improve With Age

Christmas is a great festival which spreads joy and happiness. It is the most widely celebrated religious festival across the Globe- but today, it has become a secular celebration being celebrated by all irrespective of religion. During the season, people decorate the Christmas tree, invite their friends, relatives, and neighbours for feasts and distribute gifts-hence called the Feast of Happiness. It is the season of singing, dancing & partying!

The mesmerizing tune of Jingle-bells, Santa Claus, beautifully lit and decorated Christmas Trees with stars, Gifts, mouth-watering taste of the Plum Cake and a sip of Red Wine together complete the Christmas celebrations. Each has its own part in completing the Christmas.

The wine has played a primary role in Christmas for centuries. “To eternity may it last forever”- the lovely words that we use for the toast, brings the mouth to water. Almost every food product has to be consumed at the earliest- they get spoilt if they are kept for a longer duration. But, in the case of wine it exactly the opposite. The quality and price of wine increase with age! Normally, we tend to use the cheap young wine that’s readily available in the market. But to have the real taste of wine, one must consume the matured one- that has been untouched for a long time.

The story is the same for Investments. Investments, like wine, grow and become stronger in a longer run, provided one has the patience in allowing it to grow over a period of time. One does not get immediate returns with those investments that are meant for long extent. It takes a minimum of 5-10 years for them to show visible growth.

It is not a crime to take profit in between during emergencies (like tasting a bit of the wine in between to assure it’s getting aged properly and doesn’t turn to vinegar), but ensure that you don’t totally exit to book a short-term return.

For example, let’s take the case of Stocks of HDFC Bank. At first glance, it has provided only a normal decent return on a yearly basis and most are not interested in the slow growth. They tend to sell and run after volatile flashy stocks, available in the market. Looking back, we can see that, the investors who hold their investments for more than 5-10 years have created wealth.


Today, wine itself is an investment! It has got a lot of acceptance among wealthy westerners, who purchase comparatively young wine, store them and sell after many years for a much higher price- rule longer good wine will yield older. It’s a fact that older wine is usually more expensive than a younger wine, but is applicable only to Red Wine. The rule is same with Investments as well.

Next time you think about Wine and Christmas, remember the above points to attain Financial Freedom and make your life cheerful… Cheers!