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Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE)

A knowledge initiative from Hedge Equities to provide a platform for spreading the concept of financial freedom and develop entrepreneurship among youth through imparting the importance of asset creation and its management by understanding the true concepts of risk and return. Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) is the first ever educational venture dedicated to creating a class of high-end investment professionals across India. Our programs empower you to

  • Serve the ever increasing need for credential manpower in the financial services sector globally
  • Nurture and Grow your own investment portfolios.

The programs are designed for students, financial professionals and investors who would be the advocates of smart investments.


At Hedge School of Applied Economics, our faculties are not only from the academia, but also from the industry. All courses are designed to provide

  • Personalized attention through small class sizes and optional one-on-one interviews
  • Interactive course modules
  • Experiential learning through hands on simulation exercises

Hear and learn from the industry veterans and experts who apply the subject on a day to day basis in financial markets.

And our faculties’ role often does not end with the program; we continue to mentor interested candidates so that they stay abreast and develop an ongoing understanding on the evolving dynamics in the financial markets.

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