Advanced Option Strategies

Knowledge is an investor’s best asset. When you learn about the advanced options strategies like Iron Condor and Iron Butterfly, you can trade without any worries in the market. If we are able to define profit or loss before the trade, we can make better decisions. Markets can move up, down or sideways. To identify and tap profits from such movements, Technical Analysis & Options trading is indispensable.

The objectives of this training

  • Discuss how advanced option strategies fit into a portfolio.
  • How to draw pay off diagrams of our trades and its analysis.
  • Introduction to option strategies and applying Greeks – Delta, Theta, Vega.
  • Calculate position size and plan exits.
  • Analyze possible changes in price, time and implied volatility scenarios.

Contents of the course

Payoff Diagrams, Introduction, Breakeven points, Max. Profit & Loss, Visualization with excel Introduction to Net Debit & Credit Option Strategies When to use Greek Plays – Delta, Theta, Vega effectively in live market

Non Directional Strategies

Conservative ( Iron Condor) – Aggressive (Iron Butterfly) Types & When to use, Visualization of strategies with payoffs Technical Confirmation (S&R, OBV, Fibonacci, Trendline) Options data confirmation, Tracking Greeks

Directional Strategies

Bullish (Bull call spread, Bull Put Spread) Bearish (Bear Call Spread, Bear Put Spread)
• Futures buy + Put buy : Synthetic call buy – Futures buy + Call sell : Synthetic Put sell
• Futures sell + Call buy : Synthetic put buy – Futures sell + Put sell : Synthetic call sell
• Long Hedge – Short Hedge – Beta Hedge
• Ladder Strategies – Ratio spread strategies
• Collar strategies – Repair strategies

Course Fee : 20000₹

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