B.com - Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor of Commerce is a three-year Degree Program that will prepare you for entry-level roles in both accounting and finance.

The complexity of business operations today demand a blend of accounting and finance expertise.

This program with a myriad of specializations will provide you with a strong foundation that you will need to pursue a career in Finance, Accounting, and Management.

Along with functional and domain expertise, the program will also equip you with competencies and skills required to advance your career into leadership and strategic roles.

The course content is contemporary, relevant, and industry-aligned to provide individuals an edge over others. Thorough knowledge of financial analytics is provided during the program enabling individuals to unlock a world of hidden opportunities. The fact that finance is a data-intensive field makes this program an ideal one for growth.

The program is well-suited for individuals who have a flair for numbers and technology and aspire to have a global career in the finance industry



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