No matter what your aspirations are, Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) has a program designed just for you!

Chartered Wealth Manager® (CWM)

CWM® is an international certification program in the field of Wealth Management, Private Banking, and Financial Advisory Services. It is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards set by American Academy of Financial Management. (AAFM) and is the highest level of Designation in the field of Wealth Management worldwide with over 50,000 CWM® Designation Holders. CWM® certification is for those interested in pursuing career options as Financial Services Professionals, Wealth Managers, Customer Relationship Managers, Insurance Advisors, Research Analyst, and also for those looking to expand their careers in the Wealth Management and Financial Advisory. All Certificates on successful completion of the exams and course work are issued by AAFM USA International Board of Standards, enabling the CWM® Designation holders to practice across the Globe. Hedge School of Applied Economics is the only authorized education provider for AAFM in Kerala. We regularly conduct online training for those who aspire to achieve this coveted certification. Necessary steps you need to complete to,

  • Enroll in the online training program at Hedge School
  • Register for the CWM® Program with AAFM

Education curriculum for the CWM Program The Curriculum of CWM® consists of two levels:

  • Level 1: Foundation Level Consisting of 10 Units.
  • Level 2: Advanced Level Consisting of 10 Units.

The candidate has to go through the above 20 Units through Hedge School of Applied Economics (Authorised education provider) and clear the requisite exams as per the pathway chosen to complete the academic requirements of the Board of Standards. Minimum qualifications for a candidate to register for the CWM® Program SSC or Class 12 pass, but he/she needs to be a graduate for the award of CWM® Certification. It is not mandatory to have work experience for the CWM® Certification, so once a student clears the required examination they are eligible to apply for the CWM® Designation. Enrolling for CWM online training module at Hedge School of Applied Economics Step 1: We will be circulating a welcome mail which includes a registration link. You are requested to fill and submit the online registration. Step 2: Pay the fees for online training to Hedge School of Applied Economics. The total cost for availing online training is Rs 40,000 and Rs 5000 has to be paid immediately to confirm your registration. Step 3: We will create a Whatsapp group to introduce our faculty team Step 4: We will share the Bsynapse (Hedge online platform)ID, password via mail and instructions. Live sessions via Zoom application. Step 5: Online session-Format

  • Registration
  • CWM live session-Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Session duration- 1 and half hours
  • Mock test- Every Saturdays
  • Orientation- First 4 days
  • Module-Internship in Wealth management+ Online CWM
  • Program schedule- Will be circulated before the live session.

Step 6: Registering for CWM certification at the AAFM website To enquire about our available  opportunities, please contact us at +91 9745742222  / 9349512345 or email us at