No matter what your aspirations are, Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) has a program designed just for you!

Internship Programmes

We offer a challenging internship program that attracts talent from top academic institutions and drawing students from Management ,Economics and Commerce backgrounds. The program is designed and structured as an immersion based learning environment and fosters a hands-on, delivery oriented, and challenging environment that allows the candidates to work individually and as part of teams on specific, measurable, and time bound projects with clear deliverables. Throughout the project period, the candidates will have the opportunity to interact with our management teams and thought leaders across the organization and explore the various aspects of the financial services industry. During the period, the candidates will be provided with  live industry experience and in depth practical knowledge which will help them in the long run for a successful career in the area. Note: This programme is accredited by “Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE)” Currently we are providing project/internship guidance to more than 200 areas in Marketing, Finance & HR.  Some topics are  are mentioned below:

SL.No Finance Projects/Internships Marketing Projects/Internships HR Projects/Internships
1. Wealth Management / Portfolio Management Customer Perception about various financial products Effectiveness of Training & Development
2. Mutual Funds / Debt Instruments (Bonds & Debentures) Service Quality of financial providers in Kerala Employee Recruitment & Selection
3. Macro Economic Analysis Customer Awareness about various asset classes Role of Induction Training
4. Financial Engineering in Investment Management / Derivatives Brand Awareness of prospective customers Performance Management System
5. Fundamental Analysis, Performance Analysis, Risk – Return Analysis Customer Relationship Marketing in financial services industry Employee Work Life Balance
6. Systematic Investment Plan (Equities, Debt , Gold & MF) Effectiveness of various advertising tools Competency Mapping
7. Research – Technical Analysis Gap analysis Effectiveness Of Reward System On The Motivational Level Of Employees
8. Commodities & Currencies Emerging Tools & Techniques in Marketing with reference to Financial Services Industry 360 Degree Performance Appraisal
9. Financial Inclusion Sales Strategic planning in an organization
10. Reconciliation of Legal and Compliance Statements Digital Marketing Total Quality Management and human resource department

The candidates will get online work experiences, possibly related to their major or career interests, that allow them to test drive career options, develop important career related skills, and establish relationships with people and organizations that may ultimately help them land a great job after graduation. To enquire about our available internship opportunities, please contact us at  9349512345 / 9745742222 or email us at  

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Internship Programmes

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