No matter what your aspirations are, Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) has a program designed just for you!

Project Guidance

Very often, students spend considerable amount of time, money and effort to prepare for and execute on course projects. Yet, the true success of any project that comes from a complete and meaningful understanding of the subject under study often eludes and is missed out by the students. Some of the reasons for this gap are limited availability of project opportunities, limited availability of guides/mentors to assist and mentor the students on such projects and lack of resources required or made available for the timely and successful completion of the project etc. Hedge School of Applied Economics (HSAE) attempts to address such fundamental and structural problems by providing for an interactive and hands-on learning environment where students develop and work towards their chosen project objectives with the guidance and support of our faculty and industry mentors. Our focus is on helping students achieve their desired project objectives in a timely and efficient manner in a supportive environment that facilitates ongoing interaction, participation, timeliness, commitment, and in depth study.

Course Eligibility: Students and other career-oriented candidates

Duration: As per university norms

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