Ayushi Seksaria

Ayushi Seksaria

Coming from Jamshedpur, I initially had difficulty in adjusting to the food and communicating in Kochi,” recalled Ayushi. “But the thing which kept me motivated was that I wanted to give my best and didn’t wanted to regret the decision that I have taken. I wanted this internship to add value to me, overcoming all the obstacles that might come in between. Slowly, I found many new opportunities coming my way. I worked under the assistance of Thampi sir, Rajin Sir and Jasna Ma’am for the research purpose on my project. At the same time I worked under the assistance of Hareesh sir, who gave me a lot of routine jobs. He guided and supported me all the time. By sitting in operations department of WMS I learned a lot. Raj sir helped me a lot by guiding me how to build up the CV and told many things what actually happens when a person gets in for a job. I would also like to thank Benil sir who gave me a lot of opportunities to develop myself – whether it be regarding project or handling various session in Hedge School and Rajgiri College. I also went for exploring some places with Jasna Ma’am and Noufal Sir so all these things helped me to adjust well.” Ayushi added, “ I liked the work culture of the company a lot. There is no barrier of communication for employees meeting the higher officials. All the people at Hedge work as a family.”
Student, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, Pune
Programs attended at Hedge School: Internship/Project Guidance (KASE))


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