Saheel P Y

Saheel P Y

“Classes at Hedge School provided me an industry related advantage, which was very helpful. I appeared for my NET exam, and because of the classes at Hedge I did not have to prepare a lot for it”, said Saheel when asked about his Hedge experience. “During the internship, I was able to make a lot of friends from all over the country. This has been useful for me till date at work. When I have to track customers I have so many friends with whom I did my internship who are working with various other organizations, due to our friendship we can get the work done faster rather than the regular channel. Also I am part of the groups at Hedge, through which I am able to get regular market updates and its particularly useful when handling customers and their investments” added Saheel. Elaborating more about his internship Saheel said, “ The project presentations that we had to do prepared us in handling questions during campus placements. It instilled confidence and helped understand the various questions that we will have to tackle. We were able to prepare according to how the companies expected us to answer. The guidance that I got from Benil sir in these areas was very useful.” As part of his investments, Saheel has started three SIPs recently through Federal Bank.

NRI Relations Officer, Federal Bank
Programs attended at Hedge School: Internship/Project Guidance)


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