Deepak K S

Deepak K S

Deepak had prior experience with a financial services firm before he interned with Hedge group during his Masters from Goa Institute of Management. So he came to Hedge with prior understanding of the markets. So we asked him in what way was Hedge different? “The Hedge culture is very different. Everyone is casual and way too helpful. Outside of Kerala, it’s too different. And the whole concept of interns and the Hedge School initiative is very unique” says Deepak. Deepak was already doing MF, Insurance and Trading since his previous job. “But the concept of SIP was really instilled in me only because of Hedge”, says Deepak. Hailing from Kerala, Deepak understands the difficulty for people here trying to think beyond bank deposits, real estate and gold as investments. He has played a pivotal role in convincing those closest to him regarding investing in the stock markets – he convinced his parents in 2012 to invest. With markets burgeoning, this young man has great hopes of the financial horizon changing in the long haul. Currently he is working at DE Shaw in Hyderabad, and he does have plans to start a business with his group of friends – something of an interactive model PMS investments.

Treasury Analyst – Liquidity and Collateral Management, D E Shaw, Hyderabad
Programs attended at Hedge School: Internship/Project Guidance )


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