Sweetleena Samantaray

Sweetleena Samantaray

“Even after leaving Hedge School, we are all very much in touch – all of us who did our internship together have a Whatsapp group so its like we all never left”, says Sweetleena who came to Hedge School during her summer internship from ISME, Bangalore while pursuing her PGDM in Finance. “ I did not know the financial terms when I came over to Hedge. The learning was practical and we were able to implement the theory we had learnt. The two months that I was there was packed with a lot of learning. And I am glad that I did my internship there as I feel the hands on learning was much more than any other place. The highlights of the internship are definitely the learning, the mentors, the people as well as the type of work we are exposed to.” Also an interesting experience during the internship was when got to prepare a skit when School got the accreditation from Kerala Government.” Regarding her investments, Sweetleena says, “I know I did finance, but one of the decisions I have made regarding investments is to spend my earning on myself as well as travel. So my investments will start from next year.” With relation to advice for students choosing a career in finance, “ Book knowledge is not everything. So start learning the practical aspects, says Sweetleena.
Associate – Data Analyst, Envestnet Yodlee
Programs attended at Hedge School: Internship/Project Guidance)


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