Keerthana Ravindran

Keerthana Ravindran

“ I did my project on risk return and performance analysis with relation to five companies. From my internship at Hedge School, I got exposure not only in the field of finance but also from a marketing point of view. This greatly improved my ability to be confident and interact with more people regarding financial products. I got good recognition from Hedge in terms of scholarships as well as stipend. This confidence that I got in myself helped me to take part in more competitions in finance at the college level. Apart from all this I got guidance for attending and cracking interviews from Mr Benil Sir. This was beneficial in landing a job as financial analyst in Wells Fargo. The investment culture gave me investment ideas and opportunities available in market and this helped me to give ideas to my family members about the various investment plans.”
Financial Anayst, Wells Fargo
Programs attended at Hedge School: Internship/Project Guidance)


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