Ruchika Kapoor

Ruchika Kapoor

“Interning at Hedge was my first step in the corporate world, which opened wide scale of opportunities for me in the BFSI industry. Coming from North India, it was a challenge for me to adjust to the lifestyle of Southern culture. But, working hours at Hedge assisted me in interacting with other people, making new friends, and not only with other interns but also I got the chance to interact with executives like Alex Sir, Benil Sir, Anju Ma’am, Jasna Ma’am. All thanks to their guidance and constant mentorship that I was able to complete my project on Equity Research. It’s because of the flexible and participative work culture at Hedge, which motivated me to work. Various employee engagement activities were organized like visit to SOS village (NGO), book review sessions, etc. It was a nice experience. The project, which I worked on, was Equity Research Analysis, which gave me an edge in the placement interview for CRISIL. My project assisted me in learning equity research; it’s methodology, Analysis of PNB, its findings.”
Ruchika Kapoor interned with Hedge School in the summer of 2017.
Student, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bangalore
Programs attended at Hedge School: Internship/Project Guidance (KASE))


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