Mohammed Zahin

Mohammed Zahin

The two months at Hedge for my internship changed my life around and has shaped my career path. Its only because of the exposure I got there and the interest in my project which has paved the way to where I am today, said Mohammed Zahin who is a Research Associate (Special Situations and Event Driven Strategies) with Cognizant. Zahin interned with Hedge School of Applied Economics while he was doing his MBA from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai. During our half an hour-long conversation, he talks in-depth about this role at Cognizant, where he analyses what all events affects a particular stock. Say for example, in the health care sector if there is a new drug introduced what are the chances of it getting approved. Why? What could be the prospect for a merger or an acquisition? You would think his hands are full but he doesn’t stop there – he is also preparing for his CFA as well that he intends to give next June. Zahin does extensive research and is well versed in events affecting the stock markets. We emphasise the concept of financial freedom at Hedge and Zahin was too excited to be a torchbearer for the same. A visit to Hedge School sometime is in the pipeline and he is very interested to be part of our guest faculty.

Zahin’s advise for all those wanting to make a career in the field of finance is
“To keep looking at various business models of your interest. Learn their financials and understand how they would perform in the long term. Be well aware of the daily economic changes by reading what’s happening in different markets, and analysisng reports related to companies and value investors.”


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