Prasun Chandra

Prasun Chandra

Prasun was pursuing his MBA from Kirloskar when he came over to Kochi to do his internship and project at Hedge School. His first exposure to the corporate world was here at Hedge and it was very good. For someone whose interest lies in the capital market, Prasun terms his internship experience as the “perfect blend”. He had mentors here at Hedge who helped him out both professionally as well as personally. Before joining he only knew about the broad concepts, however the two months at Hedge gave him a deeper understanding and analyzing the concepts closely helped him a lot. After his internship, he was able to view the same things in a different way doing a much more in-depth analysis. Prasun is a strong believer in equity as he sees a good amount of capital appreciation and has invested a good corpus of money in it. Currently Prasun works at Nationstar Mortgage, a company headquartered in Dallas. A quick word of advice for the finance aspirants, Prasun said, “ Believe in your strengths. Try to work on things that you don’t know and learn about different business and companies so they become your strengths. Finance is not all about accounting, and is not limited.
Investor Reporting Representative, Nationstar Mortgage, Chennai
Programs attended at Hedge School: Internship/Project Guidance)


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