Priyank B Khona

Priyank B Khona

Priyank was in the first EDP batch during Dec 2012/ Jan 2013 at Hedge School while he was doing his Masters in MBA (Marketing) from IGNOU. He remembers his experience at Hedge School as one that provided him a good exposure to the stock markets with great interactive classes. He considers Hareesh Sir’s sessions as splendid and as the best person to approach for complex doubts; the options classes by Alex Sir were very informative and practical oriented. After his experience at Hedge he got more inducted with the concept of Wealth Creation. He started to diversify his SIPs with 95% equity and 5% debt. He is a firm believer in equity and believes that you get the best returns from it. About Hedge School, Priyank says, “ Hats off to them! Even after 4.5 years of leaving the place, they continue to keep me updated on a regular basis about all the changes in the market and I appreciate it. It’s definitely a motivation to keep going back there always.” For all those approaching the filed of finance, Priyank’s advice would be – “ Finance is a vast field. There are way too many terminologies, which you may find initially very confusing. The markets around the world are always changing so we should motivate ourselves to set aside time to get an understanding of the field.”

Deputy Manager – Equity Derivatives and Currency, Kotak Securities Ltd., Kochi
Program attended at Hedge School: Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP))


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