Arya Ashok

Arya Ashok

A postgraduate from SCMS Cochin, Arya Ashok believes that the field of financial services is one of the best areas one can start a career in. She considers her current job at HDFC Asset Management Company as her ideal job. Arya always had an interest for the field of finance, but was not very keen on it until she interned at Hedge School.

She came to Hedge School for her internship while studying at SCMS during March- April 2016. “There are a lot of limitations for students to be exposed to practical aspects while we are in college. The internship period is the only time when we can get hands on experience.” Arya mentioned, “When we start a day, Benil Sir would ask us to prioritize the aspects we would like to cover for that particular day. And at the end of the end of the day we were expected to send a detailed report of the work covered that day. The two months I was at Hedge inculcated in me this systematic routine, which even to this day is something that I follow after having started my career. Arya continued, “Before when we used to come across a piece of news, it just used to pass by us. But today the difference is that when we hear a news story, say for example – GST, it comes automatically to us to consider the market aspects that can be linked to it and the volatility that may be caused by the news.”

Relationship Manager, HDFC Asset Management Company
Programs attended at Hedge School: Internship/Project Guidance (KASE)
Institution: SCMS Cochin)



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