Mohammed Abha

Mohammed Abha

When asked to recall his internship experience, Abha being himself articulated it in his own words.
After getting rejected by a number of companies, when Hedge came, I was interested for many reasons – and all being that it was close to my home. And finally the HR role they were offering me was in alignment with my interests then.
The first lesson that was taught to us (all 40 of us interns in the batch) was during the orientation class by the Director – Benil Sir, about the importance of ‘practice’ based on knowledge. The story of filling a jar first with rocks, then pebbles, then sand and then finally with water was told to us beautifully to illustrate the importance of prioritizing things in our lives. While on one hand, we were enjoying these long-term philosophical stories and interactive games, on the other hand we were being mandated with submitting multiple daily reports (one about the capital market happenings, another about our leanings everyday at our workspace)! Fast forward 10 days of orientation, I was staring at the ceiling of our cabin with my all time favorite mentor Anju Ma’am, Admin Reeja Ma’am, Compliance Staff Sini Ma’am and Tiss Ma’am. In front of me was my Lenovo laptop screen with multiple chrome tabs opened about my HR project on competency mapping, preparing KRAs, capital market news, employee engagement programs among many others. I was able to successfully live through the never ending to-do –list which was beautified continuously with gorgeous and irresistible new tasks like conducting book review session, preparing blue print for an industry wide conference, marketing for Hedge School at various education exhibitions, recruitment, job fairs and so on. Thanks to my HR intern team we successfully completed the competency mapping project and the recruitment programs pretty decently. And it was not always fun and amusement – like when our whole intern team visited SOS Children’s Village, it was a unique experience and a place of introspection.”
Student, IIM Rohtak
Programs attended at Hedge School: Internship/Project Guidance (KASE))


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